L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook (Sinners of Saint)

Vicious (Sinners of Saint) by [Shen, L.J.]

L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook



Properly. I am fairly not too long ago going to prove and say this. I am a gap. That is the first book I’ve perused by L.J. Shen. Actually. What. The. Hell?! All issues thought-about, now I am utterly snared. No backpedaling now. I am ADDICTED to her written work.

This book was every thing. I swear I’m failing to recover from this story! Furthermore. This book destroyed me. It really did. In any case, in probably the most supreme approach. It was sizzling, engaging, unlucky and obliterating. It moreover made me snicker, groan and wrath. Terrible and Emilia’s romantic story moreover received me supreme in each one of many feels. Every one in all them. At occasions I did not know whether or not I wanted to rub all up on my gasoline or shout at it. What else may you be capable of want from a book? Nothing. Not a darn factor. I by no means wanted this book to finish. I am lacking Vic and Em so exhausting. I feel I actually require restoration for this book. Submit me now. L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook Free.

Horrible is an a-hole. Be that as it might, lord have mercy on me. He is beautiful, imply, flavorful and entertaining. What’s extra, Jesus Christ I could not belief a portion of the issues that left his mouth. It merely made me must eat up him considerably extra. God. I fell exhausting for this individual. I moreover worshiped Emilia! What a good, variety, idiosyncratic and astounding soul. The science between these two was off the divider! Off. The. Divider. What’s extra, once they in the end received it on it resembled a nuclear bomb went off. I adored it!

This story enamored me from web page one utterly all the way in which to the end. I do not suppose I’ve ever featured a book to such an extent. L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook On-line. It is one in all “these” books. One I do know I’ll learn time and again. It is distinctive. It is crude. It is engaging. It is beautiful. It is pleasurable. What’s extra, I simply could not get sufficient of Vicious. It is one in all my greatest peruses of 2016. What an method to finish the 12 months!

I’ve been anxious to get my palms on VICIOUS way back to I learn Defy (the Sinners of Saint prequel), and gracious my gosh this book was so justified whatever the maintain up and is greater than I might have ever foreseen!! Horrible is my new #1 most liked a$$gap book beau, he would not hold something down making you recoil and turning you on all within the meantime and also you by no means want him to cease! Emilia is particular, strong, and also you recognize her privilege from the start. Foes to Lovers…heck higher consider it, cannot get sufficient of the detest/need/love speak and collaboration, it is off the graphs sizzling!

Horrible and his gathering the 4 HotHoles are a portion of probably the most sultry, hardest, crudest of us that take what they want once they want it, every individual must be them, every younger woman must have them nonetheless no one must be their adversary!! Moreover, while you get to the core of this story, to the core of Vicious your coronary heart goes to interrupt and you are going to be acceptable subsequent to Emilia rooting for him to be the horrible man he ought to be in order to fill his coronary heart with the adoration he so deserves!

I simply barely accomplished learn this book at the start of at the moment and I am as of now eager for a higher quantity of those HotHoles and there tales, adored every Vicious piece of this book! One other greatest most liked of the 12 months!

L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen - Midnight Blue Audio Book Free

Midnight Blue Audiobook Online


” As soon as upon a time, an easy mortal succumbed to a rock God- you potentially comprehend this is not a fairy tale, Mortals along with Gods do not mix”.

This is the story of Alex Winslow- the biggest rock God on earth!
With that stated being specified, he is an addict, fresh out of rehabilitation, self- indulgent, self taken in, and prepared to go out on a world trip. Acknowledging precisely how unsteady Alex is and precisely how fragile his soberness is, his representative Jenna was figured out to find him a “sobriety pal” aka a “baby-sitter” as Alex saw it … get in Indigo Bellamy “Indie” likewise called “Stardust” Indiie is Alex’s NINTH “baby-sitter” as he’s chased off the other 8 in DAYS! She’ll be no various, or two he presumed.

” I truly can’t highlight this enough, nevertheless i’ll attempt- your bit mind computer game are not probably to operate- I’m preserving this work. Get used to me.”.

Midnight Blue Audiobook Free. God i LOVE a perky take no crap ladies !!!! Indie is a loaner, who takes pleasure in to invest her time in her area sewing her garments when she’s not accompanying her baby nephew that stays in figured out requirement of surgical treatment for ear tubes. Thinking about that her mother and fathers were eliminated, her brother was her household … then his sweetheart became his partner, along with her nephew was birthed, and her home grew, nevertheless the lack of her mommy and daddy had its impacts on Indie AND ALSO Craig (her sibling) Craig drinks excessive, lacked a job once again, expenditures were accumulating … this task, the earnings – would definitely take care of sooo much! Mainly her nephews surgical treatment and her member of the family’s expenses and likewise immidiate needs.
3 months, over 1/4 million, along with 1 self absorbed bastard.

” you’re such a bastard, calling you a bastard is an insult to every other bastard living in the world. We require to discover a brand-new word for what you are”.

Nevertheless that’s things with “hate” -it is such a raw sensation, along with such raw sensations have such enthusiasm behind them. Frequently we do not even see it’s happening or to what level – nevertheless at a long time, that “hate” can develop into something “numerous”.

While on trip, Alex is expected to make up a brand-new album, yet being heartbroken by his ex fan, Fallon who cheated on him with among his perfect buddies (did i stop working to keep in mind to explain Alex is a BRITTISH rocker !?!- GAH!) for this factor the coming down spiral that had him groaning enough coke to make a 5 rate wedding event event cake, he hasn’t had the ability to make up a word … till he discovers his muse in Indie.

3 months- the ONLY lady on the journey, along with not merely ANY lady, one that might care less who he is, one that makes him truly feel “genuine” – merely one difficulty, Indie vouched she would definitely never ever copulate him!. Alex is still in love with Fallon and likewise testifies acquire her back … however till after that …” You should live, and make oversights, along with i’m supplying to be among those oversights, since you have absolutely nothing to shed, we have an expiration day, we have a due date, we have unrestricted 5 ☆ resort areas along with an album to compose along with your household to save, and likewise merely ******* admit – all arrowheads element parallel – United States. TOGETHER. FOR. NOW.”.

Alex Winslow was beautiful in such a method storms were – from afar. Similar to them he had the power to move along with ruin you. 2 things i was also hectic attempting to sustain”.

” when i consider you, i see something broken that isn’t worth handling. In addition to you have a look at me like i’m an inexpensive thing to alter the expensive one thats been taken from you. See, we’re all vases, along with you’re the one on the flooring, messed up beyond repair work. So, I’ll permit some one else choice you up, It’s really that simple, having fun with your brief- lived adhesive”.

The crucial features of establishing walls is they CAN condensed, with enough decision haunted with interest, walls frequently tend to break down!

” When i eventually lay my hands on you, and likewise make unassailable, Stardust, i will – you will be weeping all right. My name. Over. And. Over. Again”.

” if you want me to think you relating to not preferring me to **** you raw, you should more than likely stop considering me like that. Like you’re presently mine”.

” you take a look at me with dynamite in your eyes, awaiting me to strike the fit along with eventually developed you ablaze”. I’m not gon na lie, it took me a bit to such as Alex. He began as your typical egotistical rock star, yet as the story continued, his layers were gradually peeled back to expose his huge heart and likewise sweet taste.

Indigo is my spirit animal. Her altruism was humbling along with she is definitely someone you want in your corner. Her battle to guarantee her home live a better life was heartbreaking sometimes.

Indie and Alex’s chemistry appeared. Like off the freaking charts. L.J. Shen -Midnight Blue Audio Book Online Their entertaining small talk had me laughing aloud. Both had a past that when exposed had me in divides.

This book was a lot more than an abrasive love.

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook

Tyed by [Shen, L.J.]

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook



I have actually remained in a dreadful book droop of late. I have had such high rely on the books I have actually gotten and after that I am truly disappointed!! Hence, I do not understand whether I enjoyed this book given that I ran in with no desires or on the occasion that it was rather just recently that excellent … after contemplating it over for a long time, I believe credit is since of the author for making up a book that carried me out of my droop! L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Free.

The advertisement area was a good brief diagram of what the book had in shop, so I will not repeat here exceedingly, nevertheless I can specify, I didn’t see the “secret” that Ty had coming. Appreciation to the developer. Such a range of books at today time have a significant secret or huge reveal that I typically figure yet I didn’t see this one coming. What’s more, this one was definitely reliable and not twisted like such a range of substantial uncovers. For a couple of individuals, it may be a significant concern, and I like the manner in which the author had a secret that really made the bold female, and in this method the peruser, think about options people make, how we cope with those options, and how we determine how to pardon. Likewise, above all, when we require to find that absolution might not be something that is our own to provide if a guy’s bad moves were made well prior to they even fulfilled us. What is needed at that point is recommendation of who the person is currently, and gratitude for how that person has actually established. Remarkable profession to the developer for including this interesting element. L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Free Online. I am being unknown certainly so I do not destroy the plot!

I chose Ty’s character. He is rather uncomplicated. He didn’t have the very best house life maturing, and is currently a mixed martial arts competitor given that fighting is the important things that he is excellent at. He has some fury problems, yet he is truly happy for his identity. What’s more, the inescapable concern is no matter whether Blaire can handle his identity. I believe the book is more about Blaire, so we see substantially more of her character and get substantially more of her advancement, and the author makes a good revealing with concerns to of laying whatever out for us.

I would have taken pleasure in the possibility to see Ty be rather more self- reproachful for keeping his secret, or have them invest rather more energy talking it through, especially given that he offered Blaire problem for keeping a secret prior in the book regarding her BFF Shane striking on her( which is absolutely nothing contrasted with his secret). L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Download. Simply seemed contrasting. It would similarly have actually been good for Blaire to think about Shane more in charge of his impedance in her relationship and potentially get her sibling out for start so self consisted of. It would have completed the picture more as far as her character advancement. It similarly would have been enjoyable if there was an epilog. These problems didn’t diminish valuing what we were offered, nevertheless for me it really makes the contrast in the area of 4 and 5 stars (and I never ever provide 5 stars !!).

Normally speaking, this was an amazing, captivating browsed. Blaire was a touch of annoying from time to time with her unyielding quality and judgments, nevertheless she was an authentic character who you can relate to. These characters were not other- typical beautiful or magnates or any of that. Blaire is a good deal like many twenty- year- olds that possibly grow rather late and have no idea what the hell they require to do with their lives. These characters were real and acceptable. Blaire is fascinating, and I got myself really roaring with laughter at a few of her inward and external insights. She might quite easily suit my event of buddies. I believe anyone will really value this book!

The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook

L.J. Shen – The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook

The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance by [L.J. Shen] Audio Book Online

L.J. Shen – The Rake:A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook


I found myself happily mesmerized by Emmabelle and likewise Devon. The last book in the fantastic Boston bells collection, The Rake brings us the tale of wild child devotion phobe Emmabelle and British royal/playboy legal agent Devon.
Emmabelle gets some terrible info concerning her fertility and likewise decides not to lose out on the opportunity to wind up being a mama no matter her abhorance for collaborations and likewise males. The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook Free. She and likewise Devon’s courses cross in a bar where he hears her tale and likewise establishes a choice to be her child’s daddy. Having his extremely own motivations they communicate a method and pursue ending up being moms and dads without a collaboration. Although both hate feelings completely factors, they can not be rejected and Emmabelle’s security and security remains in threat. This publication did feel numerous from the others due to the reality that it has some perhaps strong triggers for visitors along with these characters are not all wholesome … though truly so. Shen comprehends how to draw visitors into her stories and likewise while I believed this set might have been my the extremely least preferred previous to entering she without delay showed me inaccurate.
I was so invested I ended up guide in a number of hours in spite of it being launched at twelve o’clock at night. These characters are a few of the quirkiest in the collection in unexpected methods. This would not be an lj shen publication without angst along with she supplied on that account which is something that continuously draws me to her writing. There’s similarly steamy scenes integrated with really enjoyable minutes that neither character would definitely have can at the start of guide. Reading this while expectant was absolutely a wild flight in great deals of ways however made me contact Emmmabelle in great deals of ways. I enjoyed this book along with while I’m unfortunate to see this collection end, I’m so delighted for a brand-new one to begin.
I have actually expected this book for a long period of time. The Bad guy is simply among my preferred publications. Persy is my perpetuity preferred female character, so my expectations were rather high.

Emmabelle had a great deal of injury to dump. Her previous in fact mistreated her so she was remarkably safeguarded with males. Life dealt her an extra strike with a medical condition that required her to think of having kids quicker than later, time was not on her side. That’s where Devon participates in play.

The title The Rake was no understatement. He definitely was. In the exact same token, ends up he in addition desires kids and likewise the whole family dynamic his friends are continuously discussing. So when Belle drunkenly shares her predicament with him, he volunteers his “services”. They establish quite promptly.

Emmabelle stays to press Devon away and likewise he ultimately takes the suggestion. He begins “dating” once again in spite of the reality that she is pregnant with his kid, and they are participating in routine OBGYN check outs together. She, certainly, is not “dating” other people. His shenanigans do not last that long, nevertheless adequate time for me to start disliking this coupling.

On top of that, Devon’s previous raises it’s unsightly head. The death of his father calls into play the arranged marital relationship to Louise. So presently he’s amusing the marital relationship to Louise – considering that once again, Belle states she does not desire him and inspires the marital relationship. She does without a doubt desire him however will not speak up worrying it.

Along with honestly, this entire thing where Belle does not defend what she desires is what gets me. Persy handled Cillian. Fought of what she wanted along with she’s plan to be the meek one. Emmabelle Penrose is the strong one.
Let me start by declaring, I’m a big L.J.Shen fan and was so expecting this publication. Normally I enjoy her characters, they are well drawn in along with sandy nevertheless you can’t help falling for all their eccentric dark and likewise light elements. I did that here. I might not help caring Devon in his rigorous disobedience and likewise Emmabelle in her broken strength.

They were an excellent couple with chemistry that promoted. The conserving in between them was a delight.
What I dealt with in this book was the straight-out lack of any type of genuine British checks. I prepared for more from an author of L. J. Shen’s stature and premium. What occurred ?! Dumb waiters were not established in the 17th century!The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook by L.J. Shen (Download). They were definitely not airtight to be able to keep water to drown somebody. Neither are they casket formed. Research study any person?! The British upper class would not utilize the americanisms of junior and senior for offered names as they do not replicate used names as Americans can generally do down generations.
At about the 60% mark I began to really value thebook I have in fact checked out mainly all of LJ Shens publications so I comprehend what to prepare for with her stories. I just wanted much better for Belle.

L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event Audiobook

L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event Audiobook

L.J. Shen - In the Unlikely Event Audio Book Free

In the Unlikely Event Audiobook Online


Because today … absolutely nothing will definitely correspond, besides one point – this author owned an extra piece of my heart.

Considered that today great deals of things will have brand-new and far more mental meaning … every snow will warm my heart … specific animal will make me laugh … some desserts will never ever be the exact same …

THE.BEST.DAY.EVER …? It’s THAT day when I found Mrs.Shen and likewise Her Books.

In The Unlikely Event is outstanding story. In the Unlikely Event Audiobook Free. It’s little different from this author’s different other books, yet it merely make the entire story additional uniqe. The chatacters, the plot … and likewise the entire story line … Oh wow !!! My heart was meling from one paige to another one. Mal and Rory … ohhh and likewise ahhhh I’m so in love with them- provide me some napkin, I’m prepared to sign “The Contract”.

L.J. Shen hasn’t simply made up the book – in ITUE she produced an extra work of art with financing M. The words lead me thru impressive experience where love, hate, relationship, household … and likewise different other not excessive favorable points were take place. Some minutes break my heart, nevertheless different other ones recovered me in the exact same second … Mr Mal Charming along with Princess Aurora were the absolute best medication – when You’ll read this publication, You will definitely determine.

I plan to notify You a lot concerning Mal and Rory, yet You understand, I can not. They were fantastic together, along with wonderfull seperate. They made me sob hard, simply to made me grin number of secs later on. Their buddies, member of the family … I wish to wind up being Irish in New York City, Or New Yorker in the Irish Land.

Perhaps I require to state “Bye- bye” to Rory and Mal … however I’m so not all set for this – I believe that I will simply reread this book another time – TODAY!

Along with Ekhem … I’m mentioning this one more MILIONTH time – Mrs. SHEN IS outstanding author … and likewise ITUE revealed, that it will not change for a long period of time. Magnificent Cow!!! This story took me completely by surprise along with definitely shook my world.

When the timing was last but not least right, whatever formed. The journey was dealt with tests and likewise distress. Every feeling was used the surface area. Frequently Happily Ever After’s can be undesirable.

One night invested with each other while travelling to find her past. Their lives completely changed. Girl fulfills kid along with definitely nothing will definitely ever prior to be the exact same.

Timing is whatever. Along with their time was not after that.

They licensed an agreement. In The Unlikely Event that they were ever before to reunite, they would definitely understand it was their time.

Years later on along with Mal finds Rory. Other than things aren’t the really exact same. Life occurred throughout that 8 year absence. A lot has in fact changed. The concern is whether they can release the previous and invite a future.

Mal and likewise Rory had chemistry in spades. However, Mal had a lot of secrets. This tale was not continuously basic to check out. Misery degree MAX! L.J. Shen -In the Unlikely Event Audio Book Online I required to take some breaks. Sometimes I enjoyed Mal and other’s I disliked him. In the long term, they both discovered their ways. Definitely absolutely nothing is ever prior to perfect. Yet the like they had for each other comes rather darn close. I devoured this publication within a problem of hrs. While it is not what LJ Shen typically composes, she definitely eliminated this publication. The story of Rory along with Mal had my heart breaking and likewise pleased dancing, all at the exact same time! I really valued all of the different sight points (yes, even the cow and the paper napkin) as I truly felt those added to a truly total and likewise well rounded story that reacted to all of the issues I had throughout. I can’t mention appropriate about the book other than that it is absolutely a one- click and likewise MUST READ OF 2019. Thanks for a famous love!! Exists, scams, threatening for love, security, self- sacrifice is the wild flight of the video game in between Aurora along with Malachy. The star crossed lovers pleased in a twenty- 4- hour rapid relationship. One predestined to bind them and likewise predestined to ruin all they comprehend. An agreement composed on a paper napkin ties their future with each other. However is the future one they can look after?

L.J. Shen produces a non-traditional secret of the fan’s triangle in her most current work. Nevertheless, this fan’s triangle digs deep into the id and very- ego with the ego tamping down the 2 as they quarrel over the scenarios of their circumstance. Shen develops a web of human interaction that interrupts fate performed in the name of securing the ones you like the bulk of. She efficiently damages the hero and likewise heroine along with unravels the unclean information of a previous far better left hidden, a present built on lies, along with a future set in the stars. Shen bets in this handle a stylistic alternative of talking from the tomb, utilizing personification in an unique method, and providing a specific context where changing POV from animate to inanimate which provides an elegance over the entire work. My hats off to Shen for taking in the Unlikely Event to most likely to take place in a paradoxical task that highlights fate can not be overlooked, so it’s perfect to stop combating it!